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With the construction industry soaring to new heights, the requirements are shooting up in mammoth numbers. Construction demands are rising at a steady rate thereafter. At the same time, the construction needs to be cost-effective. EPACK being the leading manufacturer of prefabricated structures, offers best-in-class industrial shed solutions at the best price. Pre-engineered constructions are widely being adopted by many different industries and find numerous application.EPACK has established itself as the as the leading industrial shed manufacturer and supplier in India.


Industrial sheds manufactured by EPACK are custom-designed as per client requirements. With high quality raw material put to use and a meticulous manufacturing process, there is a lifetime guarantee of durability and optimum service from these industrial sheds. Following are the features of these pre engineered fabricated structures:
Rugged design that offers optimum longevity
Resistance to rust, moisture and UV rays
Quick installation and construction, as opposed to conventional sheds
Optimal fire resistant design
Cost effective construction alternative


EPACK offers a wide range of PEB industrial sheds that which are suited for construction requirements in almost all industries starting from aeronautical to food and beverages. In addition, the other beneficial quality of these sheds is that further insulation support can also be added to them for meeting specific building regulations and can lead to great alterations for higher energy savings and low consumption.The best industrial sheds manufactured by EPACK find application in the following:
Transport industry
Chemical industry
Manufacturing centres
Commercial outlets

Industrial Shed