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Our company is providing Sample Flat/ Marketing Office Solution, which comes with Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) structures. This comprises of structural wall frames, roof trusses and floor joists that come with cold-formed steel sections. The sheets surface of sample flat or marketing office is coated with zinc alloy that protects from corrosion completely. In this, there is a variety of option for external cladding such as, ACP, cement boards, sidings and many more. Roofing comes with insulation that provides a soothing ambiance in the building structure. The use LGSF enhances the acoustic and thermal insulation.

Easy installation
User friendly
Smooth finishing

Other Details:
Solution can be used for double / multi-storey solutions
Building structures becomes stronger, durable, sustainable & easier to build
Completely recyclable
Speedy Construction
Saves construction time by almost 50% compared to conventional construction
Lighter than other framing materials
Easy material selection - no need to cull or sort
Straight walls and Square corners
Various finish available as per customer’s desire
Less scrap and waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for lumber
) Price stability – steel prices have been flat since 1980 and are not volatile
Environmental selling and green positioning

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Marketing Office Structure