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EPACK offers one of the best modular clean room solution, built with prefabrication. The construction is done with PUF/EPS insulated panels. These clean rooms cater to multiple industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, automobiles, food, nutraceutical and food ingredients, paint or coating booth, and R&D.
EPACK is a manufacturer of clean rooms with construction done from scratch - for enclosures to interface built with HVACs, electrical, and civil vendors at the design stage itself. Our clean room enclosures are fully compatible for the approval from leading regulatory bodies like USFDA, EUGMP and WHO.


Custom built and pre-engineered construction with PUF / EPS wall and ceiling panel construction
Walk-on and non walk-on ceiling panels
View Glasses – Fully fixed and flushed with the walls and double glazed
Return air riser boxes on the wall panels to treat higher volumes of air
Clean room compatible doors with kick plate and drop seal at bottom of the leaves
PVC / Aluminum coving
The offered prefabricated clean room is completely protected against heat
It has good acoustic properties.
Its height and inner area can be increased if required
Easy to transport

SO air cleanliness classifications-class limits (Particles/m3).

ISO Classification Number Maximum concentration limits (particles/m3)
0.1 micron 0.2 micron 0.3 micron 0.5 micron 1 micron 5 micron
ISO Class 1 10 2        
ISO Class 2 100 24 10 4    
ISO Class 3 1,000 237 102 35 8  
ISO Class 4 10,000 2,370 1,020 352 83  
ISO Class 5 1,00,000 23,700 10,200 3,520 832 29
ISO Class 6 10,00,000 2,37,000 1,02,000 35,200 8,320 293
ISO Class 7       3,52,000 83,200 2,930
ISO Class 8       35,20,000 8,32,000 29,300
ISO Class 9       3,52,00,000 83,20,000 2,93,000

Wall Panel Features

Embedded in Wall -Return Air Risers with Grills:
Thickness of panel (Minimum) recommended for Embedded Return Air Risers- 80 mm and 100 mm (Single Wall Panel System) & 50mm each (Double Layer Wall Panel constructions for high air changes rooms). The grills are completely flushed with the wall panel surface and fixed with counter sunk screws.

Covings at all corners of the wall

EPACK provides aseptic details at all corners, which allows for total “clean-ability”. An extruded Aluminum / PVC coving carrier is fixed to all wall-to-wall & wall-to-ceiling junctions. These covings shall be in the same finish as wall & ceiling panels create fully flushed corner transitions and seamless wall-to-ceiling & wall-to-wall connections.

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