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Prefabricated Building Structures

In construction, one can go for multipleoptions to build a structure. What would be the construction method? Is contractor needed? Will it be built of conventional method or using pre engineered steel or metal? There are some factors to be considered before arriving at a decision.

Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) are designed by a manufacturer and fabricated in a controlled environment within the factory. The manufacturing methods used mets both design and structural requirements, thus enabling fast and accurate construction. Below is a brief comparison between conventional metal buildings to that of PEBs. EPACK is a turnkey solution provider for pre engineered buildings. These can be constructed in multiple storeys and is widely gaining popularity in the mass market. The cost effective nature and top-of-the-line performance of these structures makes it a favourable construction choice.

The pre engineered buildings are best suited for living accommodations, office blocks and storage purposes. EPACK offer a customized solution to meet every commercial requirement and being a leading PEB structure manufacturer, guarantees a quality construction with quick installation. The pre engineered buildings find an application in almost every type of construction and when enveloped in insulating panels result in higher energy savings and comfort during adverse conditions.
Pre Engineered Buildings have numerous applications. It can be used as office blocks, warehouse, workers accommodation and many more. EPACK offers customized solution to meet every commercial requirement and being a leading PEB structure manufacturer, guarantees a quality construction with quick installation.

Out of the several benefits of pre engineered buildings, some of the notable ones are stated as below:
Pre engineered building structures offer quick installation and easy construction with lightweight construction
A superior pick of materials and a meticulous manufacturing process makes PEB structures maintenance free
These buildings are resistant to all sorts of corrosive elements and being structurally integral can withstand severe wind loads and adverse natural conditions
With insulated facets and walls, the building offers higher energy efficiency and weather proof advantage
Various finishing options make pre engineered buildings aesthetically appealing
Flexible design and construction offers diverse layout possibilities and architecture as per desired requirements
Fixing of smoke detectors, firefighting equipment and AC’s is easily possible for better safety and comfort


Pre Engineered buildings are widely used at construction sites and also at off-site projects. This is a quick solution to set up durable accommodation in places with no infrastructure. The technology used is innovative and the materials are long lasting. EPACK, the top pre engineered building company, these structures are being utilized for more diverse applications. Accuracy in design and a meticulous production process ensures the best construction standards. Our dedicated team of technical staff also ensure possible factor is considered and the building is granted a higher resistance to load, wind, corrosion and degradation.

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