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Porta cabin offices are new age residential or commercial spaces, which are increasingly growing in demand. It is seen very often that organisations need their staff to spend long hours or even days at construction site, while working on a project. The cost involved is often higher than projected due to certain factors involved. Thus, cost-saving becomes an important factor, especially because investments are often spread across different sites.

Prefabricated technology, has a number of advantages as compared to its traditional counterpart. With changing times, prefabrication technology is being widely around the globe.

EPACK is one of the most reputed manufacturers of prefabricated porta cabin office. It is built with PUF insulated panels or EPS insulated panels and steel columns. The size and design is custom built as per requirements and specifications.


Below are few of the prominent features of porta cabin offices:
It is custom designed and constructed using sandwich panels (PUF or EPS).
The walls are manufactured of varied heights which aredurable and strong.
These are built from lightweight panels which are easy to lift and erect at any height on the roof for extension purpose.
It is possible to get large view glasses to be fixed with the insulated panel doors without any extra support
Smoke detectors, fire fighting equipments, ACs and other equipment can be easily fixed.


EPACK is a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing of porta cabin offices. These offices find application is multiple industries and in many different ways as below:
Food processing industry
Modular site offices
Construction site office cabins
Temporary office cabins for events
Prefab sales office
Prefab sales office
Marketing offices
Prefabricated multi storey buildings

Porta Office Cabin